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As a child, I was a plump, shy, eczema ridden, and a bookish child. It was a revelation to everyone. Therefore, when I managed to get a place at Rose Bruford Drama School and trained as an actress. My family were shocked. Born from hardworking first generation Jamaicans – A nurse and a Factory Supervisor, nobody had ever thought of TV or Theatre as a career for me. Radio maybe, but not TV.

My joy was short-lived however, when, a year into the training, I had a horrific accident and detached my right retina.

After an operation and a year out to recover, I retrained in Media Production and started acting again. I also wrote roles for myself and my friends and danced street dance with my dance partner in Night and Day Jazz Club, Tib Street.

For me being active again was a real gift and after applying for five TV jobs a week, was lucky enough to get a break as a Junior Researcher at BBC Entertainment in Salford, working on the A Force Strand with the Cream of Black British Comedy Talent. Shows like Blouse and Skirt and Brothers and Sisters were brilliant fun but sadly came to an end.

Fortunately, I had some experience and when I returned to London I got snapped up again and worked for BBC Creative, Media Trust, and various Sky Channels making promos and programmes for Broadcast for ten years.

Still passionate about acting and theatre I kept on writing and pitching and was introduced to a Development Head and asked to Produce Live Engagement at BBC Children In Need in 2013. This was amazing and opened my eyes to the world of Live TV.

I went back to Producing events in London and built websites for the shows I had developed and that is how I got picked up by Twitter UK to Lead their Live Video team.

The rush of helping companies and businesses create their own Videos and Content was amazing and I have met some amazing people doing this.

During Lockdown, I started doing more of my own content online and grew my FB followers by 4000 doing Facebook Lives and I really loved the experience.

If you are interested in growing your followers, getting more leads, or just getting better at Live Video drop me a line, and let’s talk some more.

Michelle Brooks
TV Content Producer and Trainer

About Brooksy

Writer, Producer, Broadcast Journalist, Director, Actor and Presenter Michelle Brooks. I love to research, write and talk about the topics of the day and main passions are the fascinating worlds of relationships and dating in the Digital Age. See my other site Brides and Prejudice if you still need convincing.
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