Black Pound Day

The campaign has been set-up for people across the UK to support and invest in Black-Owned businesses for one day, every month in a way similar to Small Business Saturday. With the description reading: “We will replace our normal purchases with Black-owned businesses, where possible for one full day.”

The day was created by Swiss, a musician from the UK hip hop and garage group So Solid Crew, in response to the tragic killing of George Floyd, which sparked the Worldwide Black Lives Matter Protests. The new initiative boasts a website with ever growing directory of businesses from all over the UK. So if you are looking to support more than your local Caribbean eatery you will find plenty of choice there.

The organisation’s website reads: “[Swiss’] idea hopes to underpin our long-term financial growth and infrastructure, empowering and motivating the Black community.

“The day is also an opportunity to find out how everyone can support Black businesses over the long-term. So don’t forget to share brands that you love, businesses that you can’t live without, and make sure to hashtag #BlackPoundDay.”

When is the Day?
The day is on the 27th of each month, so if you missed it this time feel free to keep an eye out and put it in your diary for July.

How can we get involved?
If you visit the official website, you can go to the ‘shop’ tab, where you can search what type of item/service you’re looking to purchase and where in the country you’re based.
It will then give you a list of Black-owned businesses in your area that are selling what you want to purchase.

We at Showpatrol TV are more than happy to support this new initiative and have added ourselves to the directory in the “Entertainment Section” here.
When you make a purchase feel free to photograph your receipts and email them in to the team at #blackpoundday as they are keeping a track of the impact.

The website home page also links you to a number of other Black owned portals like UkBlackOwned and Gymelanine. If you are committed to changing the outcomes for Black People then is good place to start.

But what do you think? Will this monthly initiative last? Is one day a month going to make any difference?

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