Michelle Brooks Spars with Love Doctor, on TV Talk Show.

Culture Vultures Love Specials Group Shot.

OH TV’s Michelle Brooks and ¬†Colourful Radio’s relationship Coach locked horns on the relevance of Valentine’s day and the importance of marriage in today’s episode of “Culture Vultures” on OH, TV Sky Channel 199. Montserrat born Hilton was shocked when Michelle rebuffed women who proposed to men, during a leap year saying, “Men turn down women who propose so they can actually do it. Why deny them the pleasure?”

Whilst interviewer Rosemary Laryea looked on shocked Michelle continued, “People should do something special for their loved ones every day not just wait for this one signal.”

Whilst the group agreed that romance was important Michelle believed that marriage was “not for everyone,” despite Hilton’s insistance that the statistics showed being married improved and encouraged longer life.

See what do you think about this season of love? Is it just a money making scam? Find out, tonight at 7pm on OH, Tv Sky Channel 199.


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Writer, Producer, Broadcast Journalist, Director, Actor and Presenter Michelle Brooks. I love to research, write and talk about the topics of the day and main passions are the fascinating worlds of relationships and dating in the Digital Age. See my other site Brides and Prejudice if you still need convincing.
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